4 reasons why a life with cats is more beautiful

Cats are great, great, great and just the best - but we get more concrete: Here are four unbeatable reasons why you should definitely leave a velvet paw in your life.

The fact that cats have many positive qualities is well known. For example, they are curious, intelligent, fluffy and above all very entertaining. These and other features are the basis of the following arguments for a cat life.

1. The cat as an experience: boredom goodbye

She plays, rages, stumbles, falls, discovers, and always provides new surprises. Who has a cat at home, this can usually watch eternally in Katzesein. What is more exciting than to observe the velvet paw in Durchdiewohnungsmarodieren? With a Miez at home it will never be boring.

2. The cat as a stress therapy: Purring is good for the soul

Although cats cuddle only when they feel like it - but who has ever experienced a real cuddle unit, can never get enough of it again. It's not more relaxing than coming home from work exhausted at night and sitting down on the sofa with a purring whimsy. Stress? He is being snarled. When people show their love to someone, they do it right.

3. The cat as a life partner: A real WG

It is said: Cats are not kept, you live with them. And that's right. Our furry darlings are hardly predictable and always surprise you with something new. Are they moody, life with them is not always easy, they are in good mood, it is the sky. And just this variety makes for a very special living together.

4. The cat as "decoration": For soul in the home

Designating a cat as a "decoration" is certainly unjust. But undoubtedly, the aesthetic and beautiful animals value every place they occupy. Whether wall shelf, sofa, sill or computer keyboard - a cat not only makes every room more beautiful, it also gives him soul. Thus, the velvet paws provide a very special coziness in their own four walls.

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