Acquisition: This is how your life with a dog changes

Buy a dog - yes or no? This question occupies many animal lovers. The spontaneous answer for most of course is "Yes!" But you should not act hastily. Think before: Do you have enough time for dog training and fits the four-legged friends in your living environment? Here are some tips.

With a dog your family is enlarged by one animal member. But does every family member really want to make friends with the fur nose? After all, every two-legged roommate of the house will have to deal with dog training - otherwise he makes life difficult for you, his environment and himself.

Clarify in advance: Who goes in the morning with the animal friend Gassi, who in the evening? When will the dog be fed and how? All these are tasks that you have to face as a dog owner. If you have other animals in the household, you should also think about whether they would agree with a dog in their home.

Buy a dog? A question of time

You probably realize that getting a dog is a decision that will affect many years of your life. Of course, no one knows what's going on in ten years, but the willingness to take care of his best friend for a long time is a prerequisite for the common living together of master and dog. That starts with the daily schedule.

Keep in mind that you should not leave your pet alone for more than four hours a day. In addition, he has to go outside regularly, needs employment and attention. This can be done by special training in the dog club, but also with some imagination at home and while walking. It is only important that you deal with your four-legged friend and like to spend time.

If there are other pets in the household, plan additional time and attention for the merge. You may also have to remodel your home so that both animals have enough space and retreat.

Purchase a dog: take into account costs and age

If you want to buy a dog, in most cases this will increase your monthly fixed costs. Dog equipment, food, tax, insurance, veterinary costs. All these are expenses that are incurred regularly. The veterinary visits are not less, dogs age and change.

If the animal mate feels his bones and can no longer walk, if his senses subside, he becomes deaf or blind, age problems arise and the four-legged companion may senile, then a special and intensive care is needed. Old dogs enrich life enormously and are great companions, but they require a change in care. You are guilty of them after all these years of joy and love.

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