Diarrhea in the dog: With these tips you stop him

Diarrhea in dogs can have a variety of causes. Mostly it is a harmless disease, which subsides by itself or can be treated easily. In rare cases, however, serious illnesses may be behind it. Here's how you can treat mild diarrhea in your four-legged friend, when to go to the vet and what else is important.

Diarrhea in the dog manifests itself as soft to liquid feces, which are more often than usual, sometimes uncontrolled, discontinued. The diarrhea sometimes appears slimy, greenish, black, dark red or bloody. Another accompanying symptom may be flatulence in the dog.

Diarrhea in the dog: That can be behind it

Reasons for this are usually a wrong dog nutrition, too fast a diet change or a food intolerance. But even infections with bacteria, viruses or parasites are conceivable. More serious causes of the symptom of diarrhea in dogs are hereditary or chronic diseases of the intestinal tract, poisoning or mental factors. More about the causes can be found in the guide "Diarrhea in dogs: possible causes".

To treat mild diarrhea in the dog

The type of treatment depends of course on the cause of the diarrhea. If your dog shows only mild discomfort, it is often enough if you put him on a diet for 24 to 48 hours. If possible, you should only give water to your pet during this time. In general, it is important that your dog always has access to fluid, as diarrhea may cause increased fluid loss. Also, give the dog plenty of rest. Then start with a light diet. Especially well-tolerated are, for example, cooked rice and boneless chicken. Also the gift of herbal remedies can provide relief.

When to see a vet

If your dog suffers from severe or bloody diarrhea or does not clear the symptoms after 24 hours, you should definitely consult a veterinarian. The same applies to simultaneous fever or vomiting. If poisoning is suspected, such as signs of trembling, weakness or loss of appetite, the veterinarian must be called as soon as possible, as this is an emergency in the dog.

If symptoms persist, there is a risk of dehydration, which can be life-threatening. If your dog drinks nothing or too little, the walk to the vet is also necessary. Attention: With a puppy you should visit a veterinarian already earlier, because the small bodies can dehydrate even faster - here there is special danger.

Coal tablets against diarrhea in the dog

A proven remedy for acute diarrhea in dogs can be coal tablets. These bind toxins in the digestive tract of the fur nose and ensure efficient removal of these. It is important that you are always advised by your veterinarian about the correct application and dose or to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Medical coal, which you can buy for example at the vet or in the pharmacy, is an important part of every dog ​​pharmacy.

The most important measures in the overview

  • ● Dog dog for 24 to 48 hours
  • ● Always provide dogs enough fresh water and encourage them to drink
  • ● Treat your dog to peace and quiet
  • ● Watch out for possible other symptoms such as fever, weakness or blood in the stool and, if necessary, to the vet
  • ● If symptoms persist, worsening or doubt, seek medical attention immediately

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