Is a health insurance for cats useful?

No one wants to see his cat sick or beaten, but even velvet paws are not immune from illness. With cat health insurance, you can save money when vet bills get rife. But is a cat health insurance really worthwhile?

If your cat gets sick or has to go to the vet after an accident, the subsequent bills can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars. One or two cat owners can cause serious financial difficulties. A health insurance for cats jumps in an emergency and relieves.

Health insurance for cats can be useful

As with other risk insurance policies, you can not know whether a cat health insurance is really worthwhile. After all, it can not be predicted whether, how often and how seriously the insured cat gets sick. You may be paying contributions for years to a healthy animal. But the reverse case is also conceivable: Should your fur nose often be ill or suffer a serious illness, the policy may pay off quickly, as this takes over the high medical bills. Especially with expensive operations, the sense of a cat health insurance suddenly reveals itself.

Compare cat health insurance

Before you take out health insurance for your cat, you should compare online providers. The contributions of the individual insurers differ to some extent strongly. So you have to pay for a cheap insurance just over a hundred euros a year, while others good and happy with three or four times to book.

In addition to the price, you should also look closely at the benefits. For example, make sure that the insurance covers a free choice of vet, takes care of outpatient and inpatient care, and includes preventive measures such as vaccines or worming. A policy for your Stubentiger can only be worthwhile if the insurance product is right in terms of price performance. Before you graduate, it's best to consult an expert and get advice.

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